Handling Instructions


Do not open the tube. We recommend waiting until you take the print to your framer before opening the tube. Your framer is likely well versed in handling these materials and will have an appropriate working surface.

If you wish to take the risk of opening the print yourself, please note the following BEFORE opening the tube:

  • Do not touch the printed image. The paper is sensitive to the oils in your skin. We suggest wearing cotton gloves as a precaution. Alternatively handle the photograph on the white borders or back of the paper, do not touch the printed surface.
  • Prepare a surface where you can unroll the print. Find a large flat surface (perhaps the dining room table or your desk). Clear the space and ensure you wipe it clean. Wait for it to dry completely.
  • Have paper weights and your tissue paper handy. The print can be difficult to handle and flatten out as it tends to roll back onto itself. You will need some paper weights or magazines to hold the corners down when unrolling it. Please use the tissue paper provided to protect the photograph while it is flattening out.


How to handle your print:

  • Open the tube by removing the packaging tape along the edge and then popping the white lid out. Do not poke sharp items into the tube to remove the lid as this might scratch the print.
  • Remove the print carefully. Take care to pull the print out straight and not at an angle as it could damage the print if it scratches the edges of the cardboard tube.
  • Remove the paper securing the print. Carefully cut the tape that is securing the paper around the print. This is best done with a sharp knife/ pair of scissors. Do not try and wiggle the paper off as this can damage the print. 
  • Unroll your print carefully. The print should remain curled up even though the tape and paper have been removed. Unroll the print in small sections. Do not try and do it all in one go. Unroll the first section by placing your hand on the back of the paper and slowly lowering the print with the tissue paper facing down. Add a weight or magazine on each corner to hold it down. Do this until the print is completely flat. 
  • Leave it lying flat and facedown for 5 days before turning it over. Do not attempt to turn it over on the day you removed it from the tube as it will spring back into place and can get damaged. Wait 5 days for the paper to flatten. When turning it over be careful not to touch the print. Only touch the white borders around the print.